1573 Señorio de Jaime Rosell 500 ml Luxury Edition

1573 Señorio de Jaime Rosell 500 ml Luxury Edition


1573 Señorio de Jaime Rosell 500 ml Luxury Edition

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In the Sala López family we are proud of our land and of its history and we want this to show in everything we do. 1573 is the year Jaime Rosell, first “Señor” de Benejuzar”, was born. This title was granted in the mid-sixteenth century by Felipe II, King of Spain. Our extra virgin olive oil Señorío de Jaime Rosell 1573 edition is a heartfelt tribute to one of the key characters in the history of Benejuzar.

1573 Señorio de Jaime Rosell

The Extra Premium virgin olive oil contained in our Luxury 1573 is created by blending native varieties, unique to the mountains of Alicante, with more conventional ones like Arbequina o Picual, but with the special taste that our olive trees receive from the fertile land of Vega Baja del Segura.

Initially created for the private consumption of the Sala López family, owner of Beneoliva, it is now bottled as a limited and numbered edition for our most distinguished customers.

It is important to mention that both the display and the packaging box are totally hand-crafted by the unique members of the DEFORA FOUNDATION .

The essence of each and every family which, over the years, has shaped the destiny of this land is contained within each bottle, seasoned with simplicity, patience, respect, hope, tradition and deep roots.


Intensely fruity extra virgin olive oil with a predominance of green olives. Olfactory sensations of banana peel, green leaves, artichoke and grass prevail over ripe banana and apple sensations, among nuances of aromatic herbs and nuts.

Slightly sweet oil with a moderate level of bitterness, long-lasting and somewhat astringent. To round up the imposing sensation of green freshness, the pungency comes in later, ever so faintly, resulting in a character oil, structured and very long.

The aftertaste is very long, like a green wall, with wood and balsamic notes of resin. The mouthfeel is somewhat physical but agreeable, long-lasting, and it complements the green olfactory sensation in a unique manner.

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