8:26 Histories Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece 500 ml.

8:26 Histories Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece 500 ml.


8:26 Histories Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece 500 ml.

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8:26 Histories

The family wanted to share the passion of being involved in olive growing with even more people as well as to share the secrets of the good life while enjoying the extra virgin olive oil. Because every person on earth writes their own history and as Greek olive oil is intertwined with ancient Greek history and mythology, the idea was born to name the company 8:26 histories. The name refers to the series of books Histories of Herodotus, which today is considered the fundamental basis of history in Western civilization. Among other things, Herodotus in his 8th book in chapter 26 refers to the crown from an olive branch as the prize of the winner of the Olympic Games. It is the first reference to the olive tree in the historical references of Herodotus. The name highlights the historicity of the olive tree and the fact that the olive tree and its derivatives were known and had an important value in the life of the ancient Greeks. The cultivation of olive trees has been a family tradition for three generations! The cultivation of our own olive groves is traditionally performed with absolute respect to the environment. Using natural rocks, non-mechanized production and the utmost care of the cultivation, we have succeeded in creating a low-acidity extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. The traditional varieties “Manaki” and “Throumpa from the Island of Evia” have been cultivated in our olive groves for at least six decades.

Fresh Extra virgin olive oil with Health Claim, obtained directly from olives and exclusively by mechanical means and cold pressed, from the Manaki and Throumpa varieties of Evia in Greece. • Silver Award 2022 in – Quality Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2022. – London International Olive Oil Competition 2022 • Acidity (0,1%) • Content of polyphenols 472mg/kg. High nutritional value. Olympia bronze Award 2021/22 for Nutrition and Health. Health Claim! • High content of Oleocanthal and Eleasin. Significant biological activity and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties. • Carefully harvested and strict selection of the olive fruit used. • Limited Edition 1000 bottles • Early Harvest Nov.21 • Aromas: A mild to medium flavor and aromas of green vegetables (tomato leaf), fruits (berries), herbs (chamomile), almond, walnut and flowers. A rare and wide range of aromas. • Please store in a dark & dry place

Made in Greece


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