ed’o Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic with Premium Box 500 ml from Spain.

ed’o Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic with Premium Box 500 ml from Spain.


ed’o Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic with Premium Box 500 ml from Spain.

Limited Edition, Small Batch.

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Ed‘o is the first Olive Oil brand in the World that not only has received the award “Best of the Best” given by the organization Red Dot: Communication Design, but has also been honoured by the coveted  “Grand Prix” Award. This unique prize categorizes ed’o as the Best Packaging Concept on a worldwide level in 2018. Red Dot is a well-known German entity recognized internationally by their valuable awards, which someone might define them as the „Oscar“ of Design. In this year‘s edition ed‘o DELUXE has been under the spotlight and was selected among more than 8,600 contestants, coming from 45 different countries.

Our passion for nature goes beyond our eco-friendly harvesting techniques. Our care for the environment has led us to design a bottle that lasts over time wherever it is consumed. We give a second life to the product, be it your cruet set of choice or a decoration & art piece. This innovative design has been awarded as the Best Packaging Concept of 2018 by the well-known German Design Association “Red Dot”. Our iconic eco-design has been displayed in several Art expositions across Europe.

Organic Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ed’o ORGANIC is our most characteristic olive oil. Its unique taste derives from our careful selection of Arbequina olives which are grown following ecological means in the protected Natural Park of Serra de Montsant, an outstanding landscape known by its raw climate, abrupt rocky mountains, and its rich and diverse natural wildlife.

This is an intense olive oil with green fruity notes. Bitter on the tongue, yet perfectly balanced thanks to its sweetness. Its high content of antioxidants adds a slight astringency as well as preserves its intensity for longer. Notes of green grass, nuts, tomato and artichoke. Perfect on its own, with fresh bread or to accompany hearty meals such as red meat, seafood and stews.

Product Details

Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

  • Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Siurana
  • Olives picked from Natural Parc of Serra de Montsant (Priorat, Siurana)
  • Organic Certification Code: ES-ECO-019-CT
  • Olive type: Monovarietal 100% Organic Arbequina
  • Cold pressed for optimal purity
  • Pourer included for free
  • Packed in a premium box, ideal to be offered as a present
  • Acidity Level: < 0.1%
  • 500ml / 16.9 fl.oz.

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