Eteo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mini Bottle (100ml)

Eteo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mini Bottle (100ml)


Eteo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100ml)

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There is a land called Crete, in the midst of the wine-dark sea, a fair, fertile land, begirt with water; There dwell Achaeans, there great-hearted Éteo – Cretans, there Cydonians, and Dorians of waving plumes, and noble Pelasgians.
Homer, Odyssey XIX

Raison d’être – Our Why

Our inspiration emanates from our name, Éteo. That is our heritage; pure, authentic, genuine. We weave this into all that we do, pursuing excellence in the creation of ultra-premium luxury products that are unique and exceptional in every way. At the same time, we maintain a commitment and deep connection to our customers and partners around the world. We seek to inspire humanity to express their true, genuine selves – to embrace diversity and be unique. Our message is exquisitely simple:
Be Fiercely, Authentically Genuine. Be Éteo.

Beauty to Behold and Desire

Steeped in centuries of tradition. Ultra-Premium quality in every drop. Craftsmanship at its finest.
Éteo – Drops of Blessing is a fine work of art to behold and desire. From the sleek, smooth lines of the drop-shaped porcelain, to the authenticity of its wooden cap, every bottle of Éteo is a small piece of history, firmly tied to the earth that created it.

Olive oil, from antiquity to today, is an essential component of Greek diet, but it is also considered to be a medicine that prevents many of serious diseases, helps reducing levels of obesity and even more protects us from heart diseases. Its miraculous substances, the phenols, known for their antioxidant activity and the oleokanthal with its anti-inflammatory activity, have shown positive findings even for the Alzheimer’s disease prevention. Even more, “eteo”, our organic and extra virgin olive oil, certified for high content of substances beneficial to health, is a “must” for every high taste and nutritional requirements menu.

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