Green Gold Grape Extra Virgin Olive +Balsamic Vinegar 250ml

Green Gold Grape Extra Virgin Olive +Balsamic Vinegar 250ml


Green Gold Grape Cluster Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml +Balsamic Vinegar Grape Cluster 250ml.

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An Italian classic — our premium quality balsamic is a blend of grape must and wine vinegar produced in Modena, Italy. It is crafted according to the traditional method to meet Melina’s high standards for quality and taste. It has a round, full-bodied taste suggested for roasted meats and fish, warm sauces, and reductions. In a limited edition grape cluster bottle.

This extra virgin olive oil is grown and imported to meet the high-quality standards at Melina’s. Its visually beautiful color and rich olive flavor are derived from the first cold pressing. A high concentration of polyphenols, a natural anti-oxidant in olives, makes this oil deliciously healthy for dressings, drizzles, and dips. In a limited edition olive cluster bottle.

Duo Pack.

Olive Oil from Spain. 250 ml

Balsamic Vinegar from Italy 250 ml


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