Herriza de la Lobilla – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Pack 2-500ml

Herriza de la Lobilla – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Pack 2-500ml


Herriza de la Lobilla – Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Pack 2-500ml Total 1000 ml from Spain.

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Herriza de la Lobilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Pack. It contains 2 mono-varietals awarded internationally.

Monovarietal Hojiblanca: Intense and high fruity EVOO of green olives. Very complex on the nose, with an intense aroma of olive leaf, green banana, tomato plant, alloza and a certain touch of green apple as a secondary aroma. This Hojiblanca monovarietal has a smooth and clean entry into the mouth, bitterness and itching very marked with a certain pleasant persistence in the mouth. The most characteristic note is the hot pepper typical of the green Hojiblancas that appears after the tasting with great intensity.

Picual monovarietal: EVOO from olives in Envero of the Picual variety, from olive trees from the Osuna countryside. Envero is the optimum ripening point of the olive where it changes colour from yellowish green to purple. For many, it is the IDEAL time for the production of EVOO. Its color is intense green.

An exclusive case made up of two varieties of gourmet oil: hojiblanca and picual. Both come from the Olivos de Herriza de la Lobilla in the Sierra Sur countryside, in Osuna. picual mono varietal from the Sevillian countryside, unique in the market. The albero-yellow bottle follows our brand’s monovarietal line with polka dots with a clear flamenco inspiration, very much from the south. A case that combines quality and tradition embodied in the collection of liquid gold from centuries-old hojiblancos accompanied by a craft painting guarding the case on the cover.

Both products combine very well in different uses. Among the uses of picual extra virgin olive oil, the following stand out: Herriza de la Lobilla picual variety extra virgin olive oil is considered one of the best varieties of olive oil for toast thanks to its intense fruitiness, but slight bitterness and spiciness. and high freshness, making the reduction more juicy on the palate. Also exquisite, in Mediterranean salads, white bread, and red meats. Undoubtedly, Picual extra virgin olive oil is an explosion of fruity flavor that will surprise you with its extraordinary quality and will give the final touch to your dishes. Among the different uses that we can give to hojiblanca oil, this is ideal for grilled or fresh vegetables, tuna, pasta, cheese, to finish soups or creams and white fish.

Made in Spain


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