JON’S OILIVE with wooden cap 250 ml

JON’S OILIVE with wooden cap 250 ml


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As a small, women-run family business, we produce a limited-edition extra class olive oil in the fourth generation with a lot of love and passion. The most exquisite fruits from our Amfissa olive trees on the Greek island of Euboea give our natural olive oil its special character. We have been involved in the family grove since childhood — from pruning to harvesting and field care routine: Every custom is sacred to us! In order to make the authentic taste of Greece even more intense, we are integrating other products from small manufacturers into our online shop. In the fourth generation, we are already producing our limited edition and excellent tasting olive oil — with lots of love and passion. We also integrate products from small factories from Greece in the production process in order to convey the taste of Greece as authentically as possible.

JON’S OILIVE is a natural and fresh extra virgin olive oil made from a 100% natural ingredient – our high-quality olives. It is made from our family owned Amfissa olives, which we traditionally pick by hand on the Greek island of Euboea. Highest quality, healthy content and authentic taste in a stylishly designed bottle that combines excellent taste with unique design. Taste: Delicious aromatic, mild notes with a balanced balance between fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness make for a healthy taste! We keep our product authentic so that it can take on different flavors every year, depending on the prevailing climatic conditions. JON’S OILIVE comes in a 250ml glass bottle with a wooden lid that is colored gray to protect the extra virgin olive oil from UV light. Enjoy JON’S OILIVE with: salad, vegetables, marinades, fish, grilled meat and much more.

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