Mina Preserved Lemons 200g

Mina Preserved Lemons 200g

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Mina Preserved Lemons 200g

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Mina Preserved Lemons, Authentic Moroccan Gourmet Preserved Beldi Lemons, 12.5 Ounce

Our fragrant beldi lemons are indigenous to Morocco, where they’re picked by hand and cured in sea salt to bring out a deeply briny, intensely lemony taste. Once preserved, the lemon’s pulp and rind are edible and used to add brightness and dimension to tagines, salads, sauce, dressings, and other dishes. Preserved lemons are essential to Moroccan cuisine (classic chicken tagine with preserved lemon and olives is a perfect example).

Made in Morocco

5 reviews for Mina Preserved Lemons 200g

  1. Beshara

    I bought the Preserved Lemons as well as several bottles of their Tagine sauces and olives and I’m happy to leave a positive review. These are quality products. The wrapping was professional and the delivery was fast. I would highly recommend Mina’s products and Stefan and Sons 🙂

  2. Viviana Pauli

    Perfect for making tagine chicken
    Great with fish and chicken. Adds lots of flavor. Cannot find in super markets.

  3. Paul C.

    Just what I need for my chicken dish!!! Thank you!!!

  4. Customer

    Good Product I use it on Chicken Tagine

  5. Tracy Canale

    This is a very unusual product that I never heard about before until I found online an recipe that asked for preserved lemons. My cookies turned out really good and the lemon bits in them really add to the taste of the cookies. Amazing!

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