Moroccan Organic Olive Oil LES TERROIRS DE MARRAKECH – 500 ml

Moroccan Organic Olive Oil LES TERROIRS DE MARRAKECH – 500 ml


Moroccan Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil LES TERROIRS DE MARRAKECH – 500 ml Glass Bottle

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To make olive oil is a real art. In Morocco this art has a name: Atlas Olive Oils. The story begins in 1887 when Boujida Aqallal was producing his famous extra virgin olive oil. Since then this noble art has been passed down from generation to generation and is alive today, still intact in the passion and new in the thought. Discover the reason why our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil are works of art.

The awards we have been appointed represents the emblematic synthesis of our passion, technique and terroir

– Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2016 / Silver Medal
– China International Olive Oil Competition 2016 / Silver Olive Organic
– AIPO 2015 / Diploma di Gran Menzione
– FlosOlei 2013 / Selected for the Guide
– Great Taste Awards competition 2009-10 / Gold Medal
– Travel+ Leisure 2010 / World’s Top Olive Oils
– International EVOO Competition 2009 / 3rd Best Olive oil in the IOC Mario Solinas Quality Award
– Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2009 / Gold Medal
– China International Olive Oil Competition 2009 / Quality Mention
– Leone d’Oro dei Mastri Oleari 2009 / Grand Mention Diploma

About this Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Luxury glass bottles by 250ml and 500ml. Extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of 0,3ª – 0,4ª. Considered to be the Champagne of olive oil!

  • HIGH QUALITY COLD-PRESSED ULTRA-PREMIUM ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN MOROCCAN OLIVE OIL Les Terroirs De Marrakech Olive Oil is a premium olive oil used by dozens of Michelin starred restaurants around the world. We are known for our high-quality oils, setting standards of excellence in richness and flavor for one of the most iconic and essential ingredients in every kitchen. The beautiful glass bottle will grace your kitchen with a touch of elegance – both ornament and ingredient.
  • ORGANIC OLIVE OIL Our premium EVOO is harvested with care and quality assurance stemming from four generations of family tradition. This award-winning oil has a robust flavor, with complex green aromas of hedgerows, cut grass, herbs and apples. Les Terroirs De Marrakech oil is suitable for an abundance of culinary combinations, and makes an exquisite dipping or finishing oil.
  • CARBON NEUTRAL MOROCCAN OLIVE OIL One of the very first carbon neutral olive oils in the world, we take pride in a solid environmental policy that prizes sustainability. When you enjoy our premium olive oil, you’re also doing your bit for the environment! This high-end extra-virgin olive oil is harvested from the orchard surrounding the Marrakech estate in the flatlands of Morocco.
  • DELICIOUS POLYPHENOL RICH OIL Les Terroirs de Marrakech Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the finest oil in terms of flavor, aroma, style, and standards of health. Les Terroirs De Marrakech is an oil rich in polyphenols, 100% chemical free, and healthy too! USDA certified organic, OU Kosher for Passover, Halal, ISO22000, HACCP and GMP certified, and cholesterol and carbohydrate free.
  • ATLAS OLIVE OILS is a company of prestige for Morocco and expresses the best of the culinary culture of this country. Our family carries on a century-old tradition, producing what is likely to be the best pure Moroccan extra virgin olive oil you will ever taste. We provide our premier olive oil to connoisseurs and gourmets all over the world.


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