Olivar de Quesada 500 ml Ecologico.

Olivar de Quesada 500 ml Ecologico.


Olivar de Quesada 500 ml Ecologico.

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Olivar de Quesada is the brand from our cooperative Aceitera Betica, based in Quesada. Jaén, Spain, under which we market and sell our organic Premium, Superior and Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Picual and Royal varieties. Our company was established in 1958. Our little village, Quesada, is located in the middle of the Cazorla Mountains (”La Sierra de Cazorla”, where the the world famous Gualdalquivir river is born), in the heart of Jaén, the olive oil epicenter in the world, where almost 20% of all oilve oil in the world is being produced. Can olive be more authentic? Our authochtonous Royal (they only grow in our region) and Picual trees are located between 750 and 180 meters above sea level. Together with the incredible amount of sunhours and the relatively ‘poor’ soil, they make up for unmatched and unique caracteristics, nowhere else to be seen in the world. The result is a Superior olive oil with low acidity (0,18º and 0,19º respectively for the Royal and Picual oils), with polyphenol counts of over 800/kg, where 425/kg is the standard. Our area has historical records of being olive oil producers for over 2000!!! years. As for the logo, this is a painting of the reknowned artist Rafael Zabaleta, from Quesada.


Early Harvest Extra Virgin Picual Organic Olive oil is the finest of the finest, the best of the best in Olive oil, with an acidity of 0,19º. !00% organic and CE organic certified. Picual organic olives are picked mid October, during 3 days. More than double the amount of olives are needed for the same yield.
The Picual varety is considered the king of olives; stable (you can use it for frying and/or cooking) full of flavour, bitter on the tongue and slightly spicy in the aftertaste. All indications of a quality oil, full of polyphenols (up to 800/kg), the olive’s natural antioxidant. So expect an intensive olive oil, green of color, full of flavour and thick of consitancy. It doesn’t get better than this.
Bottle 500ml
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