Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing Little Doone 250ml

Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing Little Doone 250ml


Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing Little Doone 250ml

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Welcome to Little Doone. We make sweet balsamic dressings.If you find a normal balsamic a bit harsh and vinegary, and if you don’t fancy paying silly money for an aged balsamic that sits in the cupboard for special occasions, then you really need to try our range of sweet balsamic dressings.

We source our balsamic vinegar from one of the oldest and longest established balsamic houses in the Modena region of Italy, and then we start to play.

Were you told not to play with your food as a child? Well, forget that! Playing with food is great fun!We have a range of delightful dressings, all based on the deep, full flavours of our Original. We simply take a small batch of Original, and blend in pure zests, or fresh fruit, or maybe a hint of chilli, but there are no flavourings!

We learned a long time ago that if you want something to taste good, you put good things in. Simple!

Sweet and sharp, rich and mellow…

This delicious dressing is sweet yet sharp, opening up to a beautifully deep, full flavour.
Perfect for dipping with oil or drizzling over a salad, great as a marinade, or add to sauces and stews to give depth and complexity.

As balsamic vinegar contains naturally occurring sulphites, all of our dressings contain sulphites. We don’t have any nuts in our recipes, and have a no nuts policy within the production facilities, but we cannot guarantee that nuts are absent from our products. Although the ingredients include chocolate extract, this is from cocoa, and does not contain milk or milk products. All our products are gluten free, and there are no animal or dairy products in any of our dressings.

Our flagship product and our best-seller. The flavour is simply fantastic and it’s so versatile, you’ll be using it everywhere from the kitchen to the barbecue. It has a really deep, full flavour that just keeps on developing on the palate revealing the complexities of the balsamic.

It’s great as a marinade, for dipping, or as a drizzle and compliments both sweet and savoury dishes.

For salads, we recommend a drizzle of original with a drizzle of your favourite oil, either a fine olive oil or a beautiful rapeseed oil. Dress to impress!

When friends come round for dinner and you are putting the finishing touches to your culinary masterpiece, there is nothing better to nibble on than fresh, still warm bread with oil and Little Doone Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing.


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