Saporea Grape vinegar Proagro 250 ml Imported from Italy.

Saporea Grape vinegar Proagro 250 ml Imported from Italy.


Grape vinegar 250 ml Imported from Italy.

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SAPOREA was born from an innate passion for vinegar, fruit and aromatic herbs. Owner Milco Farinazzo, He grew up in the belief that what we  eat or take is crucial for our health and a few years ago I decided to turn this interest into a full-time job with my wife Giovanna Prevarin (coming from a family of agricultural entrepreneurs for several generations and from the wine world) I founded SAPOREA, an agricultural company that grows fruit trees and herbs aromatic to make healthy condiments. In the approximately 3 hectares of land we cultivate pomegranates, khaki, grapes, aronia, raspberries, figs and other varieties and, precisely because we grow them, we are sure that, the raw material we use for our vinegar and other condiments, it is free of pesticides and treatments harmful to health and the environment; we prefer to let nature give us its fruits as it wants; only if forced, so as not to lose the harvest, we adopt the only ones allowed in organic farming. We stand out for the technique of producing vinegar without machinery and chemical nutrients; we want to rediscover the value of vinegar made in a natural way, which is not only an excellent condiment, but a precious supplement for our body

Grape vinegar suitable to become Prosecco made with slow spontaneous acidification , without added sulphates, unpasteurized, not micro-filtered, turbidity and deposit are normal.

Imported by Stefan and Sons from Italy.



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