Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection 100ml each Lele & Florha

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection 100ml each Lele & Florha


Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection 100ml each Lele & Florha

Duo Pack.

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The Oleum Sicilia Soc. Coop. a rl is an organization of Sicilian olive producers, which today brings together over 5,000 single farms and over 4,000 associated companies under other member cooperatives.
It carries out its activity on the basis of specific agreements with Agea and the Sicily Region, as required by national and community regulations. Oleum Sicilia produces, selects, bottles and markets with its own brand, the extra-virgin olive oil IGP SICILIA and 100% ITALIAN, of its members.
The main purpose of Oleum Sicilia has always been to support, promote and enhance olive growing, to raise its quality standards, to encourage the introduction of innovative techniques in the olive groves of its members and throughout the entire production cycle.

IGP SICILY Oleum Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil — PGI — Cold extracted Superior category oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. The precious Oleum Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born in an enchanted territory. Color, flavor, and fragrance are the main characteristics of this oil, considered by experts to be a “palestrato” oil. Medium fruity with strong organoleptic characteristics deriving from the cultivars from which Nocellara, Biancolilla and Cerasuola comes. Thanks to natural and traditional techniques, we bring Sicilian scents, colors and aromas all over the world. Low acidity, very low peroxides and an intense green color, make this SICILIAN oil exalts itself on both cooked and raw foods.

Lele and Florha Collection

From the Palermo stories of the Moors “Kalsar and Halisah” through narratives of the battles of the Sicilian Puppets “Rovenza and Medoro” and from the harmonious party of the folk dancers “Lele ‘and Florha “the PGI is born” COLLECTION” Oleum Sicily. Balanced, with harmonious notes of spicy and bitter. Excellent for seasoning both hot or cold first courses, as well as unique dishes based on fish and salads. This Protected Geographical Indication extra virgin olive oil is the masterpiece of the union of the finest native Sicilian cultivars, pressed in compliance with tradition and sustainable quality.

100 ml each- 200 ml Total

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