Song of Odysseus Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Limited 1 per order.

Song of Odysseus Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Limited 1 per order.


Song of Odysseus Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Limited 1 per order.

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About Song of Odysseus: Here at Artemisia Estates, we’re more than an olive oil company. We are a driven family that wishes to show a modern world the old ways of Greece, and more specifically, greek olive oil. Our goal is to bring ancient tradition back into the modern pallet. Our olive groves are maintained with love and care throughout the year, as we try to follow the time-tested techniques to harvest the best olives for the purest olive oil. Our philosophy is one of making the finest, complex tasting olive oil for a world that has yet to fully appreciate Greek and Cretan olive oil. It is our goal to be part of the movement to let the world know what treasure resides in our liquid gold

The Song of Odysseus is a name meant to evoke the Greek journey of Homer’s hero as he sought to find his way home. Just like Odyssey, our journey is to help the world find its way back to the home of the worlds best olive oil: Greece.

Hand-picked olives from the groves of Artemisia Estates, carefully pressed and crafted into Song of Odysseus. This handcrafted delicate oil is supercharged with polyphenols, and healthy fats. Health Benefits to Olive Oil; Promote healthy blood flow and circulation. Anti-Inflammatory! Polyphenols are present in abundance in our olive oil, and they are well known for their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Soothes joints, aches, pains, and tired/sore muscles. Located on the isle of Crete, The olive groves of Artemisia Estates are presented with not just the perfect climate for producing the perfect olives, but the perfect soil as well. Having volcanic soil, combined with a desert climate, the groves experience what is scientifically described as a Nutrient Surge, which essentially amplifies most crops in the region.A low acid, delicate and complex tasting oil that is fit for the most demanding gourmet table or the simplest rural table. We have created a fine wine of olive oil that can be appreciated in its purest sense and in fine cooking.

Limited 1 per order.

Made in Greece

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