Strawberry Raspberry Jam Gourmet Gift Basket 120 ml

Strawberry Raspberry Jam Gourmet Gift Basket 120 ml


Strawberry Raspberry Jam Gourmet Gift Basket 120 ml

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Created by French artisans in 2012, Icelab has been offering a full range of premium, Natural and artisanal gelato & sorbet, delicious jams and caramel spreads. All of Our Jams, Jellies, & Sweet Spreads are made without dragging them down with artificial flavors and colors. Fruit jams shouldn’t be packed with compounds and reservatives that we don’t understand, which is why our focus is on quality fruit and our gourmet preparation methods. It was very important for us to be able to sublimate these jams and caramels in beautiful boxes. An essential link between us and the nature that surrounds us, nothing could be more natural than designing these boxes as close as possible to us. Handmade by artisans in the region, cut and assembled by members of the same families, these pretty boxes are hosted by the Icelab teams in our premises. Two of our main cores are the preservation of our planet & listen to the animal cause as much as possible. That’s why we massively reduced our plastic consumption those past years to use Eco Paper Cup and Glass Jar for All Of Our Jam & Salted Caramel Production. We also developed many plant-based recipes with soy, coconut, or almond milk for gelato & caramel, reducing our cow milk & cream use. Create new ingredients with finest local ingredients, Produce Delicious Food Products with Less Sugar, Be More Disappeared of the World We Live In, That’s what Icelab is doing For almost 10 years in South East Asia.

Show your loved ones just how much they mean to you with the Tropical Delight gift basket from Icelab. Comfortably nestled in a carefully handcrafted bamboo basket is a jar of our delicious Strawberry Raspberry Jam, made using natural ingredients. This jam is a tropical taste sensation, perfect on toast, porridge, or used in desserts, made in Bali from delicious fresh strawberries & raspberries. Beyond the jam is the stunning basket, which is made by hand from natural foam, fabric, and sustainable bamboo.

We don’t use any plastic or unnatural elements in any of our products from the food itself to the packaging, as our way of saying thank you to the planet that’s provided our ingredients to us! So whether you’re saying thank you to a colleague at work, congratulations to a friend who’s just moved in, well-wishing an ill loved one, or simply sending someone a snack, choose Icelab! We’ve got delicious, conscious gifts for any occasion.


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