Torremar Olives Black Olives Tapenade and Sweet Peppers 220g

Torremar Olives Black Olives Tapenade and Sweet Peppers 220g


Torremar Olives Black Olives Tapenade and Sweet Peppers 220g

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Everything goes back to the year 1896, when our great-grandfather started up in the world of the olive. He learnt from an early age the secrets of this fruit, travelling around the regions of Andalucía and Extremadura. He studied and chose only the best crops in Spain, and after years of effort and sacrifice he founded the company with his sons. Today, we feel proud and convinced when we affirm that we produce the best olives in the world: Gordal from Seville, Manzanilla from Arahal, olives stuffed by hand, and of course the best kept secret of the family: the dressing.

Our main goal is the quality of our products and, that is why, our production line works daily on our clients’ orders, thus being able to have an exclusive dedication to each one of them.

We have the IFS (International Food Standard) Quality Protocol.Olives Torremar, Gourmet Product from Spain.

  • TAPENADE: a seasoned spread made chiefly with mashed black or green olives, capers, garlic, tomato, pepper or anchovies.
  • Add it to sandwich salads, like tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, they’d all benefit from a spoonful of tapenade stirred in.
  • This Provencal spread traditionally includes finely chopped olives along with aromatic herbs and Olive oil. The freshest ingredients and exquisite taste are why we hand-selected this tapenade for you. It is sensational when spooned over grilled beef or fish, tossed with bucatini pasta, or served with crusty bread.


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