White Tombolo -500 Ml EVOO 100% Ceramic Limited Edition Tenuta Sant’Ilario

White Tombolo -500 Ml EVOO 100% Ceramic Limited Edition Tenuta Sant’Ilario


White Tombolo -500 Ml EVOO 100% Ceramic Limited Edition Tenuta Sant’Ilario

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Excellence in Extra Virgin For us, olive oil is more than just a food, it is the center of a real culture. Characterized by a very low acidity, a pleasantly fruity flavor, an intense green color and a clear appearance after filtering. All the olives used for the production of our oil are of 100% Italian origin. Working at low temperatures, the product is unaltered in its natural characteristics. Tenuta Sant’Ilario is located between sea and mountains, and stands on a green hill overlooking the sea. It was born in 1982 and, although it grew up in technology and production, it has always remained family-run. Our agricultural activities are: olive growing, production, transformation, bottling and marketing of olive oil and other particular derivatives. In 30 years of experience we have brought together the culture of traditional food and modern technology. Our mission is to change the way we season and excite the palate. We pay particular care and attention to the design and packaging of our products. Our production boasts a wide range of items with an attractive packaging, with an essential and varied design capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers. Our lines range from the most classic style: glass bottles in different formats, handmade ceramic amphorae to the most delicious cans country, vintage, majolica and modern style.

About this product

Product name: White ceramic amphora -500 ML Castelli ceramics.

A hymn to Abruzzo traditions, the slow pace of clay processing in the Castelli ceramics workshops meets the meticulousness of the hands that work the bobbin. The Abruzzo bobbin is a lace worked on a pillow, from which the amphora takes its shape, with the so-called “bobbins” that are wooden sticks around which the thread is wound… continuous thread, which is faithfully reported on the outside of the amphora, has a high number of spindles: it can be said infinite. The thread used is made of linen or silk and is very thin. Inside, we keep a fine 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil. Imported by